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Web Hosting by OP River

Web Development Experience

Web Servers

Microsoft Internet Information Server, Apache, Purveyor

Languages & Scripting

HTML, Active Server Pages, Java, Javascript, VBScript, C, C++, Perl, DCL

Graphics Tools

Photoshop, Picture Publisher, Bryce 3D

Special Projects Experience (Just a Few)

Primary administrator for the Health Net Intranet web servers.  Many of the projects below were done at this company.

Designed and developed the web based Corporate Directory.  The database backend was Oracle RDB on a VMS system.  The Web Server was MS Internet Information Server.  Also used HTML, Javascript, VBScript, SQL, and ODBC.  In order to load the directory information, an automated procedure was written in C++ as an NT service to extract the data from an Access database and FTP the information to the VMS system.  The access database was where the HR department was maintaining the information.  Due to the fact that the information was contained in different formats for each division, information had to be extracted in this manner.

Designed and developed a corporate wide standard navigational structure for the entire company.  If the navigation bar ever needed to change, the change only took place in one location for all departments web services.

Developed a web based form to send alpha pages.  Involved linux, ksh, and Hylafax paging software.

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Last Modified on Monday, January 25, 1999