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Consulting Services

Night Source provides consulting in the following area's

Systems Management With over 9 years of systems management experience, Night Source can take care of all your systems management needs including installations, upgrades, and performance tuning.  VMS, Unix, Windows NT, and Linux are just some of the operating systems that we work with.
Web Development Whether you're looking at putting up a small informational web site, or require a full blown electronic commerce solution for your company, Night Source can help.  HTML, Javascript, CGI, VBScript, and database backends are only the begining of the experience we have in this area.  Web servers we've worked with include IIS, Apache, and Purveyor.
Database Administration Most of our work with databases are in conjunction with web sites and services.  We have installed and configured Oracle, Oracle RDB, and Microsoft SQL servers running on VMS, Unix, and Windows NT.
Network Administration Not only can we administer your network (LAN/WAN), we can help design and configure your network.   We've worked with Cisco, Ascend, Xylan, 3Com and more.
Automation Do your operators, and perhaps yourself spend too much time typing in DCL, Unix or DOS commands?  Do you have people performing daily or weekly electronic tasks like copying files or updating information.  Why not automate these processes.  We excel in creativity when it comes to automating and improving your operational procedures.
EDI Electronic Data Interchange is the key technology for exchanging electronic information between your company and other companies like banks, health care organizations, and government agencies.  Let Night Source assist you in exchanging information with the world.
Programming Listing programming is kind of redundant as you can see from the above sections titled web development and automation, programming is at the core of these services.  We've work with C, C++, Java, Javascript, VBScript, SQL, Active Server Pages, Visual Basic, and Vax Basic just to name a few languages.
Computer Operations Do you have a night time operator that needs a vacation?   Why not bring in a temporary resource who understands backups, print services, and other night time functions to fill in?  Perhaps in the process we can make some recommendations for improving efficiency.

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Last Modified on Monday, January 25, 1999