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Systems Management Experience


DEC Alpha 3000/8800/2100/4100, VAX 6650/7740/8530/8250, Sun Sparc, Intel Pentium, Cisco Routers, Pipeline Router, DEC Hubs, HSJ/HSZ/HSC Disk controllers, CI, Storage Tek SILO

Operating Systems

VMS, Unix, Linux, Windows NT/95/3.x, DOS

There are far more technologies involved than just the system hardware and operating systems listed above when managing a system.  We can handle just about any layered product or special program running on the above systems, and on many systems not mentioned.

Special Projects Experience (Just a Few)

Automated Notification Project at Health Net.  Was responsible for hardware purchasing, network design involving DECNet and TCP/IP, configuring the Client/Server hardware and software, and configuring the Polycenter Console Manager application.  Once complete, the Console Manager system would send alpha pages to on call personnel anytime a system crash occurred.  The capability existed to page upon any system event.

Disk Migration at Health Net.   Coordinated the migration of more than 200 gigabytes of data from old technology to faster, more compact technology (Storage Works).  This was done on a tight schedule with only two to three hours of system availability per night.

Full and Incremental backup automation and/or improvement at multiple companies including Health Net, Northrop B-2, and Directv

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Last Modified on Sunday, January 24, 1999